2:32 am, May 30, 2015

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    While I realize you are blindly following the lead of several other local governments in the area, it was incredibly stupid and careless for you to not take the safety of your workforce into consideration and cancel the entire workday. When you rendered your decision, there were STILL people trying to get home from yesterday, and many more took several hours. A large number of abandoned cars remain on the roadway, and many streets remain unplowed, or barely usable. Your decision forces people to use leave (which is compensation) to pay for a day off if they can't make it in. You also fail to realize that a large percentage of the Federal workforce are contractors who must show up for work if you are open, regardless of the status. Right now I'm beginning to wonder what it would take for you to actually cancel after such a horrendous storm. Or are you simply giving in to political pressure and trying to impress the Republican congress.
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  • reply to: 'STUPID DECISON, OPM...'
    I wholly agree with Swampthing's comment! All intelligent people in the know are instructing everyone to stay off the roads, don't go out if you don't have to except.... for us poor federal workers who still have to make our way into work, around the treacherous roads, dangerous drivers, double-parked cars on snow emergency routes and... just to top it all off and make it just that much worse... no one to take care of our kids because day cares and schools in our area are closed as well. DC Government is closed, NIST is closed, local area schools are closed, along with numerous other places, power outages, stoplight outages, trees down all over our area which are causing delays and dangerous conditions, and now there are metro delays....why can't OPM just see what everyone else knows... IT'S JUST TOO DANGEROUS OUT THERE FOR US TOO!!!! CLOSED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Not all of us have leave to use, or the ability to telework.
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  • The Ride Was Great
    As a fed who got up and drove in from Woodbridge, it was one of the best commutes I've had in a LONG time. I-95 was bone dry, abandoned cars had been moved to the shoulders, and secondary roads were even good. DC roads were fabulous too. The road crews did a great job this time and it would have been wasteful for OPM to close down today. If Metro is running, as well as other public transportation systems, the government should NOT close.
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  • Bad Decision
    I normally support the decision OPM makes becuase I can usually get to MARC and ride in. Today the Brunswick line is closed, so I thought maybe Ride-On. No luck. Not starting until after 10 and only weekend schedule. None of the routes near my run on weekend. Cannot leave my house. Trying to TELEWORK but not enough capacity - have not been able to log in all morning. Today's decsion was VERY POOR!
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  • OPM - Thank you
    I am grateful that OPM allowed us to leave two hours early yesterday. I made it home just minutes before the weather tanked in western Fairfax county. Thank you, OPM, for announcing the policy for today's commute - last night. For my part - you got it, at the right time.
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