6:15 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • What does this really mean??
    Does this 5-year freeze proposed by our Republican President Obama mean he will push for a COLA freeze for ALL federal employees, including active duty military? Or will he continue to be rob Peter to pay Paul?
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  • Eliminate the Marines
    The Army, Navy, and Air Force should be enough.
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  • It's been tried before and failed
    Just me
    Eliminating the Marines has been tried before, and it failed. The USMC has a vital role to play in our nation's defense.
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  • DOD's Sacrificial Lambs
    The USMC as well as US Army Airborne should be eliminated and reorganized into the other branches of service and Special Operations units. This would save in the fact that the Marines are replicating capabilities already performed by the other branches. As an organization, they are an Anachronism and proof that dinosaurs lay eggs! The amphibious assault doctrine used in WWII and Korea has been overplayed and is outdated! I don't think those were Marines landing at Normandy. Did our Airborne units jump into Iraq and Afghanistan? Desert Storm? There have been no reasons for major Airborne assaults since WWII. They jumped once at a reduced level in Korea simply to get their jump pay and bring back memories for the old geezers running the Army back then! I sure hope someone on the Hill reviews this for serious consideration! We need to quit fighting current threats with the outdated ideas and tactics of the past!
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  • Wow
    You really have no idea what you're talking about if you believe all those things. Take a look at the roles the Marine Corps have played in OEF and OIF- very large, very diverse roles. Other than armchair generals with some kind of personal grudge to bear talks about eliminating one of the services in this manner. To wit: -Amphibious landing doctrine: the USMC has never focused solely on that one operational maneuver. -No, the Marines did not run the landing at Normany, any more than the Army took Tarawa, Iwo Jima, or Okinawa. It's not a competition. -Did our airborne units jump in OEF and OIF....uh, yes. I serve with some. The naivete here is shocking.
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  • Freeze
    Tea Partier
    Typical Obamaese- increase Federal spending by 25%, then propose a 5 year freeze, so it can't be rescinded. That's like telling your teenager you're limiting their out of control spending for the next 5 years to the amount they overspent last year. No, you cut up their credit cards to teach them to live within their means. I'll bet nobody ever said no to Obama when he was growing up. You can see he reeks of arrogance, the way he holds his head above the "commoners" when he speaks.
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  • Ides of March for Fed Emps?
    The march budget could be the first shoe. Last night didn't clear up any of the priorities. Remember the roaring 90s and reinventing government? Ready for the sequel?
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  • Reorganization
    I would hope that the proposal starts with dozens of national security and intelligence agencies. Billions go into these agencies each year and because their budgets are mostly secret, we don't have a clue as to how much is being spent in this sector. Let's hope the reorganization doesn't work like the whack-a-mole arcade game where you beat it down in one place and it just keeps popping up somewhere else. Most reorganizations I've been through in government just rearrange the chairs and cause a lot of disruption and uncertainty but accomplish little in the way of cost reduction or better service to the public.
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