10:09 am, May 26, 2015

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  • OPM reforms hiring?
    As a fed, I'm left thinking, what for? why now? With 5 years of pay freezes, and hiring one person for every two who go, this looks like a candidate for the chopping block of programs where money could be saved. Feds are viewed as villans. Why would anyone want to join us?
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  • OPM and second step of hiring reform
    OPM has been adept at trying to put a positive "spin" on its very slow moving and uncertain effiorts to push the hiring reform agenda. The promised new tools now due to be soon rolled out were also promised over a year ago, and agencies have waited - and waited - while nothing happened. The MAT team presentations cited as sensational successes do not reflect what I heard of them from peers in a number of agencies who had attended several. The main complaint was that the OPM headquarters policy staff had liitle if any HR operational experience and didn't seem able to relate to the "real world" facing "front line" HR specialists. Some also came across as condescending, others just as clueless. OPM, as it has done in the past, overpromised on what it could deliver, and now strives to claim a spurious success in order to avoid having to confront the reality of the problems discussed above. In this, however, they're no different than other agencies when trying to evade having to evade having to explain why they've been unable to deliver on past promises. The Federally-oriented news media should be well aware of this sort of "supple" bureaucratic behavior, and to take such claims with a ton or so of sodium chloride.
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