9:01 am, May 22, 2015

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  • SES
    Personally I feel the whole SES could be disbanded or reduced. In my military HQ command alone you have an abundant SES that basically do nothing. They swing the decision making meter occasionally, but the workforce are the folks that make the operation and mission successful. "Members of the Senior Executive Service are given raises based on performance. Between the economic strains and political environment, there is now a "very strong effort to tamp down on performance awards," Bonosaro said." I'll betcha you couldn't name too many SES who didn't get a bonus in DoD. Sorry, but until the general public can see them as a benefit, they should be reduced or eliminated in DoD. Not sure about the rest of the agencies, but reading the news blogs, they sound the same to me. GS13/14/15 don't want to apply for SES because of the lousy process and it is a good ole boy environment. Never go against the gain! And I sure would love to review some of those applications who were selected when they had to answer those executive core questions. I'll show you baloney too! Most of the SES in my HQ command are not hired into the SES position... they are part of the good ole boys and groomed into it... no one else stands a chance to even attempt to apply. Once they are "input" into a SES position, most are there until retirement... so they control and work their own good ole boy club. Make them rotate OUT of the agency every 2 years.. esp in DoD. Why do you think military commanders rotate?
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  • For my money
    you can eliminate the entire administration of NIH. They count money and make rules, but produce nothing and do nothing whatever to help the scientists. I include all who used to be scientists and now are no longer scientists since they have become administrators. Some claim to be both, but they lie.
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  • Boo Hoo
    Caps fan
    Am I supposed to feel sorry for SESes? Nope, I don't. Let me tell you why: in my agency (a DoD Agency), most are retired O6s pulling a pretty sweet military retirement. Add on the double dipping through his/her SES salary...$170,000+, cheap TRICARE, and performance bonuses (which most of us under GS-15 didn't receive this year), and I really don't see where SESes have any room to complain or have a 'woe is me attitude'. I agree completely with Spanky's post...in my agency there are far to many SESes, when compared as a ratio to workers or even other agencies. Most got their positions due to the good ole boy networks developed while on active duty. Their policies create far too many problems for me/my people, and they never have to experience the negative consequences of their decisions, which affect many. Sad fact is when agencies start having to cut personnel, you know darn well that it will not affect the SES ranks
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