5:13 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Sad State of The Union
    As a retired senior I have not received a cost of living increase for two years. Since we seniors are not working we also receive no benefit from the cut in Social Security payroll deduction of 2%. But, we also pay taxes on the Social Security we paid into years ago. My pension has been reduced by $75 per month due to increases in my health insurance premium, my home insurance premium, my auto insurance premium and other cost increases such as higher fuel costs, higher heating and cooling bills, higher costs of food at the grocery store, etc. Yet, we are told that inflation is zero, therefore we are entitled to no relief from this onslaught by the so-called free market who have no qualms about raising their prices in spite of the government's own statistics that show zero inflation. The state of the union is all talk and feel-good rhetoric. But in reality, for people like myself who have worked nearly 50 years, playing by all the rules, we are now treated like chattel, something to be thrown on the human scrap heap. Funny, isn't it, no mention was made last night of the $2 trillion plus that has been dumped into insidious wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where we keep the military industrial complex pumped up with tens of billions that disappear down the drain even as they have built-in inflation costs (which supposedly don't exist in the minds of the bean counters) while our citizens sit by and watch America descend into a Third World country.
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