4:01 am, May 27, 2015

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    As an IRS employee, I have to wonder about the need and/or the value for such a survey. If the government is really looking for programs to cut and for a way to save money, maybe they should start here. No one likes to pay taxes. DUH! So, regardless how nice a person is or how easy a process may be, the IRS will never get a passing grade; and the IRS is not the only agency in that boat. Frankly, we are not here to be liked. We (all Federal agencies) are here to provide a necessary service to keep our government functioning. We are not going to satisfy everybody. So, as the necessary evil, we shouldn't try. We should continue to do our job as efficently and professionally as possible within the constraints of the law(s) we must follow. If the citizenry doesn't like the laws we have to follow, then they need to vote those that are making the laws out-of-office. It's simple. If your life isn't better after 2 years, replace your Representative. The same can be said for the President at 4 years and the Senate at 6. Eventually, some, if not all, will get the idea that going to Washington is a matter of public service and should not be a quick way of making millions.
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