4:46 am, May 29, 2015

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  • The Real World
    Time Bandit
    Well now Fed workers will see how it feels not knowing if you are keeping your job or not, I was a contractor with the Navy for 10 years before I was laid off last year due to the program office cutting our funding. Granted I loved my job, I seriously doubt I will go back to contracting again. Feds working for the gov't had a good thing years ago too, the gov't today is not what it used to be. My opinion, unless you are willing to go for the long haul and young enough to put up with the BS....don't get a Fed job.
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  • Five Year Pay Freeze,
    You've got to be kidding me. I'm for this as long as our lawmakers follow suit. I would like to see them earn a much lower salary - say a 50% salary cut, contribute to their own health insurance, and don't take a week off to pray (yeah, right) on tax payer's money. I don't think our policy makers have fully explained why it's on the shoulders of the federal worker to right the economy. I don't mind doing my part, but the way they want it I would be doing several people's part should this new proposal pass. As other's have said, considering the future or the next 5 years, this will not attract the best and the brightest and those B&B'ers that are already in the gov't may/could leave. Funny that a recent study stated that agencies should do more in the way of retention. What's the incentive? Policy makers may not have to worry about cutting jobs as they may see more than 10% leave without any help from them. Would love to see them wringing their hands, now what are we going to do....we don't have enough people working in the gov't. After years of putting in extra hours for nothing, I am now a strict 9 -5'er. While I may not be the brightest, I WAS a go the extra mile type in both private and public sector and am now considering running, not walking to the nearest exit. After all, private sector hiring is picking up. (I can only speak with my vote and my feet.) Perhaps the House Republicans should be careful what they wish for, as they may get it (and more).
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  • Washington, D.C.—Congressman Jim Matheson
    Washington, D.C.—Congressman Jim Matheson is again introducing a bipartisan bill to eliminate the automatic pay raise for Members of Congress. It is co-sponsored by three Democrats and three Republicans. "Every year, without a vote or even a debate, members of Congress get a pay raise. This stealth system allows us to get a salary increase without lifting a finger, and that does not seem right to me," said Matheson. Matheson said that the 27th Amendment to the Constitution states "No law varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives shall take effect until an election of Representatives shall have intervened." Yet by setting up the automatic mechanism in the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, that was deemed the vote on future adjustments. Matheson has often been the lone voice in the House arguing against the secretive nature of the pay raise. Matheson's bill amends the law to eliminate automatic pay adjustments. "I'm not saying Congress should never get a raise. I am saying that as we consider serious budget issues such as deficits and debt, funding for two wars and other priorities, an automatic pay raise is irresponsible, "said Matheson. _____________________________________________________________________ How many Congress members will stand up and be counted to do their part too?
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  • Let's Get Real
    Unfortunately, the Fed worker is an easy target. He can't strike or even run for office unless he leaves government service. (unlike senators who can keep their job and salary and run for another office) Congress can do this for good press (looking like they are doing something) but how about making the hard decisions like not spending money on programs that have not started or cutting spending for wasteful programs. How about a better idea, cut the $millions given to each Senator and Congressman for staff, per diem in DC, and travel back to his home district. I just came back from my home town where they are required to spend over $1mil of stimulus money to change street signs from all upper case to lower case. This is mandated across the US from Congress. Or how about getting rid of the federal Orker transit program which gives them $230 per month to take buses or rail. This is double dipping since federal workers in high dollar areas are already given a location allowance in their salary. 5 years without a pay raise when inflation is starting to rise is very punishing to dedicated people.
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  • Five-year pay freeze, more federal job cuts proposed
    It is easy for the lawmakers to pass these laws and not give it another thought. Let's take a look at the employees that suffer the consequences, they have families that they have to support and bills to pay. The way I see it by passing these laws you are making hardworking people to have to make tough decisions such as paying rent/mortgage or buying food. This may seem drastic but it is reality. Prices of everything from gas to bread are constantly rising. Often these yearly raises only help to cover the rising health insurance premiums. Federal employees are only getting a 2-3% cost of living raise while the insurance premiums are rising by 7-10% every year. The long term affect of these laws are people not being able to afford health insurance and using the emergency rooms for health care. While not paying the ER bills which makes the hospitals and doctors lose pay and funding. Many federal employees are in areas that the federal government is main employer, so cutting the jobs puts more unemployed people on the street looking for jobs. The lawmakers need to take a step back and realize that they are playing with peoples livelyhood. They are not just federal jobs...they are human beings.
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  • Five Year Pay Freeze
    Mark Y.
    I just read this article and my first reaction was "come on". Enough is enough. I recognize that times are hard and everyone has to do his share to help the economy recover. Congress has moved on from "Big oil" and Wall Street" where the were completely powerless to the federal workforce. This mind set of cutting every federal budget to previous levels, freezing pay, and curtailing hiring is not going to solve the budget crisis. I would bet that in the long run it will cause more problems than it will fix. This is nothing more than Congressmen and Senators throwing bills together so they can back to there districts and say "look at what I'm doing". When government services begin to be curtailed/eliminated and his/her district begin complaining there is no doubt in my mind he/she will change there tune. The White House, Senate, and Congress have no long term solutuion to this problem they just find a "bad guy" beat him down for awhile then run off to the next issue. Nothing ever gets fixed and nothing ever changes. We the people end of paying for there mistakes, over and over again.
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