8:28 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Gates can save $100 Billion over 5 years by Fundamentally Changing IT Acquisition process
    Congress, OMB and the Defense Science Board understand that you cannot leverage the value of the fast paced IT market using Weapon Systems acquisition processes and advisors limited to the Defense Industrial Complex. Ash Carter was right on target when he announced his desire to expand DODs reach into the commercial IT world, where innovation is allowed to advance. If it takes 81 months on average to acquire an IT capabilities, there is NO technology that will be relevant at the end of the process. As Einstein would say "you can't solve today's problems with the same kind of thinking that got us their in the first place". So, who is DoD turning to to solve DoD IT Acquisition? Answer, those most vested to protect the status quo. This is repeating failure pattern that must change, as failure to acquire IT in a timely and effective manner will have disastrous consequences for our most critical missions; Cyber Security, NetCentric Infrastructure, Health IT, Information Sharing to name a few. The nations dire financial situation can no longer afford to through money at the problem as was done with Army FCS, FBI VCF, DNI Railhead, DHS SBInet or DISA's NECC. We have finally learned that you cannot outsource critical thinking or risk. Now the question is; how do we.....
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