11:33 am, May 23, 2015

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  • It's up to us
    The American people (including Federal employees) voted these...people...in. We, the Federal employees, have a huge voting block that can take these people down during the next election. We may not be able to strike, but we can vote-out those who dare to mess with us. We need to use that power. NTEU and others, also, need to take notice and remind the Federal employees at election time what Congress' voting record was and, again, vote them out. Then, be sure that the incoming Reps know why they are there and that the same thing can happen to them if they are not careful.
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  • Vote 2012
    Make sure we remember what president gave us a two-year pay freeze. NTEU better not back him again!
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  • Voting
    Glen, I agree with you about voting them out, BUT.....why does that not seem to happen? You and I might not miss a single election, but apathy abounds and many just shrug their shoulders and don't vote, and the beat goes on. My neighbors are not Feds, and won't care about these issues at election time. They likely believe what the talking heads tell them, that we are all overpaid and under-worked and deserve to be taken down a notch. The average citizen has a negative opinion of Federal Employees and don't bother to distinguish between the agencies they are frustrated with and the employees...for instance, the IRS, Social Security, etc. The fact we even have jobs in this economy can be cause for resentment. Here in the Charleston, SC area there are thousands of Federal Employees that do things from processing passports to training young Sailors to supporting the supply line to troops in war zones. We are hurting with the pay freeze and possible furloughs, my office is already understaffed. I applaud your thoughts, I just hope we can make it to the next election with these thoughts in our minds to effect some change for ourselves, if we don't stand up for ourselves its clear no one else will.
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