9:56 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Whack DC But Hit Denver & Houston
    Celtic Wolf
    Most federal employees know there are more federal employees (active and retired) outside the magical beltway. Most of us also know most of the work is done by these individuals. The problem with DC is that it is infested with overpaid, bias selected and promoted analysts with no to little true management (let alone leadership) experience (or desire to lead). These useless and highly myopic analysts rise to the ranks of executives due to most executive positions are solely located in DC and the true hard workers (and those most knowelgeable) are out in the "field", and can not relocate (especially in this economy of the past decade where many families are duo-income). Also who wants to relocate to DC and pay for expensive housing and lose that part of any salary boost (locality pay). I love "whacking DC", and I would never "hit" Denver or Houston or any field office. Remember also that things happened in: Oklahoma City, New York, Austin, Tucson, and many other "field" sites. Other than the Pentagon, who cares (even terrorists) about DC -- DC needs to go the way of the dinosaur -- it has passed its level of usefulness. In today's virtual world we need to look at Federal Government beyond DC and out to the local offices (where the real work is done).
    Celtic Wolf
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  • Whack DC....
    C. w. L.
    Celtric Wolf, you head the nail on the head! After my 48 years of Federal service, some of it in DC, I agree we have too much overhead managers/executives in Washington that do not have a clue what is going on in the field. Therefore many of their decisions are from autocratic positions and they really don't have the brains to call, e-mail, etc. the managers in the field. I retired last year and because I used to push back on many of their decisions, they were happy to see me go. Sad commentary. CW.
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  • Keep an Open Mind on DC Feds
    I have never worked in DC but I know that there are a lot of very good and hard working Federal employees there. Yes there are a lot of executives who don't do what you call work. Their jobs are different and they have greater responsibilities than the worker bees and they are paid accordingly. I even see the need for some of the political appointees who guide the agencies in accordance with the President's initiatives. Probably too many of them though and that needs to be addressed by Congress. As for moving functions out of DC, I remember that President Nixon wanted to set up something like 6 or 10 Federal Regions and set up the agency headquarters in these regions. I don't remember what his motives were but I always thought that it was a good idea to have some high-level jobs available outside DC. Something like that should probably be looked at again.
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  • Diversification is good
    I heard a guy in Norfolk 20 years ago say that all the DC HQ functions should be relocated around the country. This was before we worried about terrorists taking down one city in a 24 (tv show) type script. It's obvious that DC has sucked the wealth from the rest of the country, when garden condos start at $250K. Which is more than a SF home in most of the country. Yes, DC is a great place to live, but outsourcing functions to WV & MD don't count as geographical diversification, it's all the same commuting area. But do I have faith that Congress will outsource the pointy heads? Sorry, not me.
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  • What else is new
    Having been a Federal wage slave for over forty years working in the benighted provinces (i.e., in the field well outside the Beltway), I've seen many a cost-cutting exercise, usually as a means of placating a grandstanding president or Congress. These almost invariably involve making tough decisions at the headquarters level, involving "biting the bullet" and "belt-tightening," as to which field activities will absorb the cuts, while leaving unscathed the "vital" headquarters functions. I expect to see a replay in this genre again. That being said, however, the angst regarding the impact on local communities - or the Deity forbid, the DC area - of Federal spending cutbacks appear to view such spending as a form of entitlement apart from any consideration as to whether the continued existence of specific Federal installations or agencies is really in the national interest. Government installations and operations do not (or should not) exist as some sort of version of corporate welfare. Maybe what's needed is some form of a BRAC process for civilian agencies, given the near impossibility of otherwise addressing the problem under the "normal" log-rolling process. If we're ever to get serious about cutting the deficit, reducing the bloated Federal infrastructure has to be one of the primary approaches.
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  • Dumb or Dumber
    Meantime, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) is pushing for a two-week furlough of nonessential federal government workers this year. The impact that would have on Defense operations, Homeland Security, Customs, tax collection and refunds, air traffic control and Social Security payments and claims could be interesting. Deciding which government operations are essential (as in exempt) is always an eye-opening exercise. _____________________________________________________________________ Defense operations - Let's leave the country open for terrorist, we can afford a 2wk furlough. Homeland Security- Oh yeah, lets leave the borders WIDE OPEN for all US haters to mozey on in and commit terrorist act. Customs - Nope, we don't need them to ID suspecious activities, lets furlough the nonessential ones. Tax collection and refunds- We don't need owed taxes collected. Refund ? We on furlough, sorry. Air traffic control- Pilots can figure there way in, if they hit something, it's all good, we can furlough nonessential controlers. Social Security payments and claims - Naaa, we can furlough, the country don't need their SS checks or refunds on time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Great idea Coffman! Who voted these people in Office?
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  • Who voted the entity in?
    Coffman was voted in by non federal employees. Who else?
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  • 2 week furlough
    I'm all ready for that, if I can have it all at one time, with my husband, of course, who is also fedgov. We'll go stay in our camper, and the city in which we live can skip its revenue for 2 weeks. Our creditors can also wait an extra time for their payments. Fun for everyone!
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