7:57 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Reinvent or pass into history
    The USPS provides a service the framers of the constitution that necessary for the public good - communication. Mail delivery is no longer the preferred method of communication, perhaps it is time to update the model to include electronic means, revamping it's ground handling to compete for commercial delivery work and cut costs by reducing the number of times per week they deliver mail - perhaps run route A today and route B tomorrow and route C the third day - then repeat, so mail is delivered twice a week - while USPS gets serious about changing its business model! Finally, the Postal Workers I know are not lazy, stupid or malcontents. They are not he problem. Let' concentrate on updating the business model!
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  • Restructure of USPS by new Postmaster General-is this the beginning of the end???
    Expressly a fan of USPS
    Closure of existing small town Post Office's will only hurt the economy even more. Some of the small town Post Office's are the only viable business in the community. Furthermore, some of the "gas station postal units" you refer to sending your Post Office services to are absolutely the worst at representing your services that I have ever encountered. One of these "gas station postal units" wanted to take in my Priority Mail on a Saturday, only for me to find out that it would not have left their "gas station" until the following Monday! I drive many miles to utilize a "real" Post Office with "real" Postal employees, when I have one of the "gas station units" within a few miles of my home. I choose to drive the distance to ensure when I mail something, it will be sent out the same day. You may think the pay your employees receive is more than you desire, and you do provide them with good benefits, but they return the favor with knowledgeable services, and professionalism that is unsurpassed. When USPS corporate decides to rally around their customers with a level of service which prevents frustration to the customer, the USPS will gain back many loyal customers who find other means to ship. The USPS has the best postal service in the world when comparing other countries' postal services. Customers know this. Listening to the needs of your customers will bring them back. Get innovative. Put coin operated copy machines, fax machines, and small areas for their office work so that the general public will utilize USPS vs. The UPS Store or FedEx Kinko's! USPS should want to compete with these businesses to gain back business. Have customer assistance available to assist in preparation of their packages in lieu of long wait time in line while your window clerks attend to issues such as this. Ultimate service, convenience for the customer's needs, and wait time for your customers is an important aspect that USPS corporate must pay more attention to in order to succeed in this competitive marketplace. Closure is not the answer to make more money. As far as eliminating a day of business for USPS, you are only again frustrating an already angry public. The Postal Service is the only organization in this country that touches every home and business in America six days a week! Don't forget small businesses do rely on you to be there six days a week! This is, of course, the people's Postal Service! Get out of the office and come work on the front lines prior to discontinuing any services, and while there, please listen carefully to your customers. You might just be surprised what you would learn from them. You build it, and they will come. Don't close up what American citizens depend on and rely on. You can make it more convenient and useful for the American public, and you will reap the benefits. Put an emphasis on "service" which the United States Postal Service has been known for in the past!
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