11:00 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Questionable business practices
    "it's more than a business, it's more than a government, it's a trust for all of America". So with that stated, "lets eliminate a day of delivery" to retain that same existence. What??? Where's the service going and how much should be given to the competition by ending a day of delivery. It makes no sense!
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  • Postal Regulatory Commission
    The article references the "Postal Rate Commission" -- it is actually the Postal Regulatory Commission. http://www.prc.gov/
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  • Waste
    The management staff at stations and branches seem unable or unwilling to deal with their part in trimming the USPS budget. I constantly see instances of uneeded overtime. Time wasting practices by clerks completely overlooked by immediate supervisors. If the service is really serious about saving money, without putting its debt on the backs of consumers they can first make sure that the days wage they are paying is actually being earned by all its employees.
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  • USPS and Feds Working Together
    As an ex-postal employee, I never understood why the US Government does not exclusively use USPS for overnight and expedited services. Instead, it yields to lobbyists from Fed Ex , UPS, and others and competes these services. For the longest time, USPS was banned from competing again because lobbyists saw this as unfair and the Postal Regulatory Commission would not let USPS offer discounts. This still might be true today. This is like the US having an army but sub-contracting out all of its wars. On another note, the other delivery services often send their ‘high delivery cost” mail to be final delivered by USPS because USPS cannot refuse to deliver it. The postal service does a good job considering the restrictions placed on it by federal regulators.
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  • Waste "Blewis27"
    Pass your suggest onto the retail line of customers running through the lobby of the PO.
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