6:18 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Mike Causey's read on furloughs
    I think the possibility of a furlough is great, but the benefits would be marginal. I work for the Social Security Administration. A 2-week furlough would simply increase our backlog by 2 weeks. The work won't go away. When we come back to work we'll just be 2 weeks behind. And I've said it before ... if I lose 2 weeks pay, that's 2 weeks pay I won't be spending. So who does that benefit. Not my favorite restaurant for sure, because I won't be able to go there while I'm on furlough. I'll make my mortgage and utility payments, but won't be patronizing the several small businesses I regularly go to. Sure, I'll buy groceries, but I'll go low end. And I'll probably put off getting my usual haircut. I definitely won't get two to make up for missing one. I think there would be very little benefit to the economy.
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