6:36 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • EEOC's Record Breaking Workload
    While on its tear to convince people that the agency has made headway, EEOC could at least be honest about the cases that were dumped to get there. EEOC could also be honest about what a federal mediator has called willful and illegal overtime in processing cases. Finally, EEOC should also be honest about its refusal to address cost effective and more efficient ways of conducting the work, ways that would avoid its use of illegal overtime. Then, EEOC would have something to boast about.
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  • What does this say about the Civil Service system?
    There are about 2 million civil service employees and a backlog of 86,000 cases? That means about 4% or 1 out of every 25 civil service employees has an EEOC case on backlog. And how many more are rejected or settled? Either our whole system and society is terribly abusive, overly sensitive, brainwashed into being victimized, just a bunch of whiners or some combination thereof. Whatever the case, this statistic, backlog or not, is not something any self-respecting American should be proud of.
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