3:04 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Unions push back against deficit commission
    It is about time someone said something. I am tired of getting beat up with no one fighting for us and just aceppting cuts to Feds as fate comlete. Where is the actual letter? 40 year Fed
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  • postal service
    old clerk
    president obama, as a 31 year postal employee with an excellent record and near retirement i am asking you to listen to me. the voice of a veteran employee. with a lot to say and noone to listen. what is happening with the usps is a travesty.. a true travesty.... with nationwide repurcussions coming. i have seen, watched and learned about how figures, info and the media can influence life events. ups and fed ex raised rates while we the usps have remained at current levels of pricing for cert, reg etc but slightly raised them for express and priiority.. we need to take an agressive approach to service.. not lay back and put our tail between our legs. step up to the plate and lets put them out of business.. or at least on the ropes.... noone will listen to the old bucks.. the guys that know.. the guys they are trying to get rid of.. we know.. we know....
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  • NARFE is not a Union
    Tom McKinney
    Thank you CSRS and FERS personnel for your service to our great country. NARFE is not a Union--it is an Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees.--- As the name says: National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association. Appreciate what you are doing to protect our earned benefits. Tom McKinney
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  • Unions will ruin the country.
    Mike McMike
    Just like they ruined California, the auto industry, the steel industry, and the Soviet Union.
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  • Pushing for Truth
    With over 25 years of resource management under my belt it is impossible to remain silent about the government's effort to single out gov employees for helping cure the fiscal issues of today. What I see as truth is, to factor in where a large percentage of government expenditures actually occur. Specifically contracts. Why is it too difficult to be honest that a significant portion of contract costs are, in fact, wasteful. Where is this discussion? I laud Sec. Gate's efforts to relook and realign funding to what is vital, rather than expedient. Oh, by the way, this situation didn't occur suddenly under this administration, nor the last.
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