8:08 am, May 22, 2015

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  • DoD IT
    Why is no one in the Congress or OMB looking at DoD IT spending? Right now, and for the past decade, each department within DoD is building and creating a complete financial system to replace their old mainframe systems to an ERP. They have been wasting BILLIONS on a vendor software that mostly just does not work. Of course the put bandaids all over the system then report their superiors that everything is working great. The Navy, AF and Army are all each doing this. Someone should be screaming... someone should be reporting the billions that are wasted! Of course it gets zero attention... Btw, the Marines built their own. But it was a mainframe DBII system. And guess what, it's probably one of the better systems. The DoD should scrap ALL ERP spending and expand the Marines SABRS.
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