3:02 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Fed Bashing
    Low Paid Fed
    You think that Congress / papers who put the Fed Empls on the chopping block in public would STOP the stupidity. Now look at what has happen concerning the Rep who got shot, child and jugde died. It is high time that these people shut up their mouth and STOP putting all this false information out about Fed Empls. How many more Government workers has to die, get shot or blown up before this silly stupid words ceases in public? I do believe this was an act out of rage over what Congress is doing to this country. This is not going to be the last, we don't know who is planning the next senseless act. I don't tell anyone I work for the Gov due to FEAR!! The public hates us already and all this false stuff said about us make some people hate us even more. Also, all this BS about saving the country money, but putting people lives on the line. We don't know who might crack in these offices. behind all these stuff idea's Congress has hatched up. It is really wrong and callus how things are being handled in this country today.
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  • low paid Fed
    what a jerk. the assassinations in Arizona had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with a psychotic paranoid schizophrenic who did not receive treatment long ago like he should have but that the authorities in Tuscon ignored all of the signs. Pima Community College threw the jerk out for his insane rantings and the sheriff was apprised of the man's behavior, but did nothing. it will all come out in the FBI investigation. the sheriff should be brought up on charges and put away for dereliction of duty. this low paid Fed who cannot spell nor say a coherent thing should be let go from the Government also. my tax money is being wasted on another illiterate who i doubt provides me any services that i can use anyway. the public is right to demand that lazy no-account Feds get up off of their butts and do something useful. otherwise fire them.
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  • omniscientone
    First of all this was not an "assassination", it was a “shooting.” In other words, the victims where shot by some crazed man Acts like JFK, MLK and Abe Lincoln and countless others, you can say were assassinated. You sound like an irritated person acting out about something. How can you talk about anyone when you are not exercising PROPER LITERATE SENTENCE STRUCTURE? All of your angry sentences are started off with lower cap letters...What an idiot! Each person has a right to express what they feel and think rather you, I or anyone else agrees with them or not. The expression I get is, the person feels that Federal Employees are being targeted due to politicians and the news that the media put out in public, the dislike of the public toward us, and fear. In your post, you seem to be RANTING about “lazy no-account Feds get up off of their butts and do something useful. otherwise fire them.” You are right here because you are one of them BIG time it appears.
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  • OmniscienSick
    Low Paid Fed
    There are no miss-spelled words in my message, if you don't like it. Then don't read it. What you bring to the board is a sad and pathetic attitude. Nothing you wrote is coherent either, it's all out of frustration. The public has no right to demand nothing of the Federal Empls, except good service. AS far as Lazy no-accounts, your butt is secured everyday in this country because of Federal Empls. Why don't you continue to sit in that corner you reside in to be seen, but not heard.
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  • Analysis or Opinion?
    I do not consider Mr. Palguta's statements an analysis, but rather opinion. None of us are in a place to play judge, jurey, or psychiatrist in this instance; let alone speculate on program owners being future targets of confused agression. When he makes the comment, "What's different now compared to decades ago is the access to information and 'unfiltered opinions,'" I'm curious to ask, who/what is the filter and what makes them in the right? We are in an information age with exponential inputs beyond what we would have imagined "decades before." What hasn't changed, though, is the application of sound reason and judgement. If Mr. Palguta believes that is lost because of the availability of information, well, then we are all doomed--surely the way some thought as independent newspapers sprung up in the late 1800s from the horrors of the printing press.
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