11:11 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • The amounts owed are probably wrong
    I'm always late with my taxes. Once the IRS sent a letter estimating what I owed. This a few thousand based on the standard deduction. My actual return gave me a refund. I wonder if they use the standard deduction for estimating how much is owed rather than estimating based on previous returns. I bet the amount owed is much less.
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  • Bill would make deficit commission proposals law
    Since Republicans enjoy braying about federal fiscal responsibility, the American taxpayers should hold their feet to the fire! In other words, for Congress (especially congressional Republicans) it's time to fish or cut bait. If it's fiscally responsible for Congress to propose a 10% reduction in the federal workforce, it is only fair to reduce the Congress (Senate and House) by at least 10% to show Americans how well its bought-and-paid-for politicians understand the concept of sharing sacrifices in the name of balancing the budget. Imagine how much money could be saved by this simple process of congressional addition by subtraction. Less deadwood means less money blown away on ridiculously expensive congressional staffs. Jerrymandering of congressional districts would be constrained. With 435 Representatives, the House is severely bloated - every state should have a maximum of five Representatives; some, such as sparcely populated states like North and South Dakota should only have three. The country could easily make do with a House containing only 200 Representatives. Surely Congress is willing to cut the bloat by shrinking its count of politicians in the House and Senate, and demonstrating to all Americans by deed that it is committed to true fiscal responsibility. To coin a colloquial term, it's time for Congress to eat its own dogfood!
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  • Don't forget about election spending
    Reducing the number of congressional districts would also decrease the money wasted on election ads and related spending. If we did away with 43 districts, that is 10% of the House of Representatives, we could save in 10 years (which is how the politicians do it when the project federal salary savings): $860 million in elections, $645 million in staff salaries and office/travel expenses, $75 million in congressional salary, and who knows how much in other perks, benefits and items that can't be so easily defined. In a nutshell, cutting congress by 43 people will save at least $1.6 billion over 10 years. How is that for cost cutting?
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  • number of representatives in SD and ND is.....
    One - each of these states is only allowed one US representative each, along with their 2 senators. They would jump for joy if they were allowed 3 representatives. Sparsely populated states have very little representation in the House of Representatives. The bloating you are referring to is coming from more populated states.
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  • I am sure breathalyzers are at the top of his list....
    Old Bunny
    of wasteful and top-heavy government spending... http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/2005_3910869/rep-brady-says-he-takes-responsibility-in-arrest-c.html
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  • Whose really been fooled here?
    Low Paid Fed
    This is "the" WORST Congress Iíve heard a lot of people say. But, I say this country has no one to blame but itself. A lot of citizens I think do not take the time to really question who is running for office or is the person qualified for the job? I even saw some people on TV with Palin 2012 signs. It is utterly RIDICULOUS! Citizens have put a lot of selfish, money hungry greedy individuals in there that does not have the American people interest at heart. If I had the money, I would run for office and try to help this country and its people. Also, I don't understand why the Federal Empl is the targeted ones? It is really ludicrous for anyone to think that cutting Federal Empl will help save money. It is farcical to read that over 100.000 Fed Empls owe taxes totaling 3 billion. I thought working for the Gov, that no one can owe taxes? Now that Congress is trying to pin the tail on the donkey, as I read from some new Rep Brady about this tax debt. I do agree that, yes have to pay if you owe no matter who you are. But lets be real here, this is just another tactic from these Fed haters to try and make the US citizens think they have their best interest at heart. It is a crime and ashamed that the public hates us already, but why add more fuel to fire? I don't tell anyone I work for the Gov due to complete FEAR. We already got CRAZY people who hate this country, but to have a lot of people at home doing it says a lot to me. My question is, when is Congress going to start doing their part? We don't need this many Congress men/women. Think of the billions can be saved. I find it really strange that Congress is trying to make the Fed workers smaller, but not themselves. What hypocrites
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