5:52 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Safe at Work?
    Loyal Civil Servant
    No, I do not feel safe at work. In the late 1980s I was assaulted at work by an employee who was unhappy with her situation at work. See, I work in the HR office and I deal with problems in the workplace. Despite what people think sometimes, federal employees ARE held accountable, and my job is to carry out the corrective actions necessary to provide our nation with top service for their tax dollars. The workplace in the late 1980s was nothing like it is today, and yes, I still do that type of work. I may work behind guards where the public can't easily enter, but with all of the pressures of today's life, a tanking economy, pay and benefits under assault, and government bashing its own workers, giving more bad news to employees has become a dangerous job. I've done my job with compassion, tact, and discretion for over 37 years, but this is the year I leave it to others to carry on.
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