12:02 am, May 27, 2015

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  • If the politicians
    had not destroyed the Federal Quality Institute a couple of decades ago, this could have been prevented. Congress must impose real and effective performance measures linked to the budget in order to prevent bean counters from merely using last year's expenditures as justification for next year's allocations. Congress allows the antiquated process to continue because they can manipulate the system and garner votes. The media never exposes it because, I think, it is not sufficiently sensational. The only solution I can perceive is to, somehow, elect statesmen to Congress rather than self-centered talking heads.
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  • Not quite.
    I work in Accounting and Budget within DoD and your theory of how budget and performance works is not correct or perhaps twisted. First, each program is budgeted, controlled and expended differently. The so-called "budget is based on previous years expenditures" is also wrong or twisted. When we are under a CRA, we can not spend higher than the pervious year's expenditures. The budget is a different animal. There is no simple process. All programs go thru excruciating justification, cost and economic analysis. Many acquisition and maintenance activities within DoD operate under a working capital (revolving) fund and actually operate based on their revenue, not just the appropriated funds from Congress. Every budget cycle has us "bean counters" going thru all kinds of drills, data calls and cuts. There are 3 budget cycles in a fiscal year in DoD. We have to justify to the military agency, then to OSD, then to OMB/Congress. Nothing is in the budget because of last year's spending. That's a bunch of crock! And the reason it doesn't get media attention is simply because is very complex and as I said, every program is different... but they ALL must justify their cost or economic analysis.. through so many levels of approval, it would make your head spin... Federal pay (which is in everyone's Operating and Maintenance) is always the first one to get cuts, marks and Congressional pet projects. Just to clarify!
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  • Hold Congress and politicians on both sides of the aisle responsible.
    The Executive Branch carries out the will of Congress through Congress' power of the purse. To Congress it is "these United States", not "the United States." Federal employees are scape goates of Congress.
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  • Both sides of the aisle are closing their eyes to the obvious
    I'm disappointed that the millionaires on both side of the aisle are nickel and diming to death the federal employee. In a year of record profits for large companies, we react by keeping their good fortunes going, by renewing their tax decrease, supporting their off-shoring of American jobs, lending them taxpayer money as needed, and of course, not caring when there's some losing track of the money and where it all went. And, any discussion of ending the two very costly quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan is considered unpatriotic even though most can't tell you how it's keeping us safe, and even though it puts our young men and women into physically and psychologically horrid situations. But yes, let's go after the federal employees becuase we know how filthy rich they are. Right.
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