6:48 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Google Wins stay of Interior Award, provides evidence that federal IT Acquisition process is broken
    Having spent the last two years studying the root causes of IT program failure and conflicts of interest in federal IT programs, I can only say this protest provides further evidence that agencies need a true honest broker to help guide major procurements. This proves again that agencies lack the organic means of research market capabilities and structuring competitive procurements. It is clear that DoI was trying to be specific enough to avoid a different trap; value requirements leading to costly custom solutions that drive integrator lockin. Had they been able to tap real world solution architecture and SLA development expertise, they would have been able to avoid this protest. We should not be throwing DoI staff under the bus, as they likely relied on the support of a contractor who guided this procurement. What I want to know is who lead them down this path of failure. Looking back several years, DoI went down the opposite path with now defunct Bearingpoint with their financial mgt system, costing DoI tens of millions before being cancelled. Who was the contractor who drove this procurement. Lets shine a light on them. Had DOI been privy to the Roadmap for Sustainable IT Acquisition Reform, they would have seen this land mine a long time ago. www.IT-AAC.org is where to find it.
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