10:53 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Who would transfer millions into TSP?
    My guess is wealthy people diversified into many other asset classes. Either that, or people with cash who realize they have absolutely zero ability to manage their own money and don't want to pay someone else for some reason.
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  • More Feds Join the Million Dollar Club with TSP
    Celtic Wolf
    Pay freeze, annuity check size delays, rising health care costs, and overall economy, how does one save? In the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it is written to pay yourself first when you cash your paycheck. CSRS employees are fortunate, FERS only have TSP (and the dying Social Security). America historically went out and spent monies to save the world (within US borders and external to it). We fought wars and ended up paying the losers and partners billions. We bailed out Chrysler, we bailed out Wall Street and we searched for Weapons of Mass Destruction and Osama. All this cost money and still does -- just look at the latest deficit clock. Once again I ask who can save, or consider a future without economic troubles, or at least concern. We have been big brother, we have been everyone's protector ---maybe it is time for us to be like Japan of centuries ago or China more recently. We need to be selfish I think now so we can save America. We need to start paying ourselves first, and a start is to redesign a federal employee system that works. Our performance system is broken, our retirement (payments-annuity) system is broken, and definitely our hiring system is broken. In essence America is running itself on systems that just do not work anymore. It (America) is also working under the guise that nothing is wrong (except that its federal employees are overpaid). It is like the landowner who has a person who mows the lawn and shovels the snow, when the landowner has money all is well. Yet as soon as the landowner is down financially they start seeing or criticizing the quality of the mowing and the shovelling. That is what is happening today with us (federal employees). Congress is one tee'ed off landowner and very much down in the dumps.
    Celtic Wolf
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  • The PROBLEM with this COUNTRY
    Low Paid Fed
    1. People are allowed to talk to much 2. News people are allowed to print untrustworthy and false news. 3. Congress are IDIOTS!! 4. Rich people keep getting RICHER due to Congress money hungry greed. 5. Poor people keep getting POORER due to Congress(Rep) mess-up when they jumped on GWB wagon. 6. Congress stick their noses in every other country business. i.e like try to dictate how other countries should live. The reason as to why the US is "the" most hated nation in the world. 7. Congress spend tax payers money on themselves and other idiotic idea's and keep the US cictizens blind to that fact by lying on National Tv/ News Papers 8. Congress has way to many good ole boys in the WH that cannot see outside the box to get things done. 9. Congress don't like Presdient Obama and they let the country and rest of the world see this. The reason why other countries LAUGH at Congress. 10. Congress shows no respect to the President and sometimes I wonder is it because he is a black man?? The stuff they do to President Obama, none did this to GWB who was "the" worst President of our present day. 11. Congress has dragged this country down and has the nerve to wait on their new Rep as if they are going to fix these problems...... LOL! Last but not least, definately not 12. Congress has messed up so much and they try to put the blame on Obama when he inherited the debt, but they to dumb to see this. they have the audacity to make the Fed Empls pay for their 8 years of waste behind GWB. No one hear anything about them giving themselves pay freeze huh? You wonder why radical countries dispies the US and tries to kills us.
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  • Federal Pay Perception
    Carter Hired Fed
    Was this column really necessary given the incorrect public perception that everyone who works for the government makes $100,000 to $150,000 and the pay freeze?
    Carter Hired Fed
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  • Not so many Millionaires
    Those who are in the Millionaire category for TSP were paid high salaries (GS12 and above) to begin with. I started as a GS 7 (less than $20,000 annually) and contributed the full amount within three years of starting. Today, after 25 years and to the limit contributins, I am no where near a mllion. Worker bees who went into TSP in the early 80's have not made it to the millionaires club. I encourage all of my mentees to join TSP and put in at least the amount for matching funds and to increase it as they get raises. Perhaps this cohort will make it.
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