8:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • telework
    Sharing a work area or cibicle with "other" employee WILL NOT be creative OR fun. It will be a nightmare! OPM should require ALL agencies to convert workers to telework if their position doesn't require the human body to be at the office or work place. There are many things HR and Management can do to ensure work-flow continues, objectives and met (not just an employee, but office, command or activity)... They could also investigate common business practices of agencies and activities currently allowing telework that is successful... This isn't rocket science folks....
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  • OPM's "cool" basement
    This is the latest nonsense from the agency that reprises the role of "the gang that couldn't shoot straight." Not only have OPM staff done their best to make the Federal retirement program a mockery, but they've also - based on voluminous comments from fellow HR profssionals in other agencies as well as my own - bolloxed up the much touted hiring reform initiative. Promises of new innovative examining and other approaches have gone unfulfilled, and agencies are being left in the dark regarding staffing policy issues, with OPM staff clueless as to providing answers. And all this is going to be turned around because of some supposedly "cool" neophyte Morlocks in OPM's basement. Yeah right!
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