1:58 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Randy Hite, champion of architectures
    Having known Randy for some 10 years, and often debating with him the relative goodness of the DODAF, I can tell you that he will be missed. Randy was a man who often lived with compromise, trying to get agencies to embrace small steps towards change, and one who recognized the realities of change much like Machiavelli did. I wish I had learned this lesson myself much earlier, having been a change agent myself. Though he gave some credit to the BTA for making progress in its often criticized transformation efforts (DIRMRS, BEA), I guess Secretary Gates felt more could have been done, decided to shutter the organization. The BTA does leave a legacy behind however, with the Business Capability Lifecycle, a LEANED out version of the DOD5000. Thanks Randy for your dedication and service. I hope your efforts to drive IT reform in DOD are not over. John Weiler Vice Chair IT Acquisition Advisory Council
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