1:57 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • UofMD Gansler teams up with IT Acquisition Advisory Council to fill void
    Defense Acquisition University is prepared to take on this challenge, creating a separate IT Acquisition Training Curriculum in partnership with the IT Acquisition Advisory Council, a relatively new think tank composed of a dozen universities and non-profits working towards a common goal. We are delighted to have Dr. Gansler and the University of MD part of this alternative resource, and believe major process improvements can be achieved, saving billions each year without any reduction in capability delivery. Deficiencies in the current Defense Acquisition Ecosystem, highlighted in dozens of studies including the Gansler Commission, Defense Science Board, TechAmerica, ACT/IAC, and the HASC Defense Acquisition Panel suggest that $20Billion in IT program cost overruns can be averted by implementing a separate IT Acquisition process and training program. Details on how IT-AAC partnership plans on supporting DAU are posted at www.IT-AAC.org
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