2:48 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Good news
    Bill Samuel
    So now the other shoe has dropped. And it is good news. The Recent Graduates program looks like it will take care of the need we had met with the FCIP. It appears it will operate similarly. We had used the FCIP to get recent graduates on board, and should be able to simply switch to the new program. We won't be thrown upon the standard hiring process which doesn't work effectively to get new graduates.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Good news?
    Unfortunately, the "standard hiring process" so cavalierly dismissed in Mr. Samuel's comments is the fair and open competition process called for under the first of the merit principles codified in Federal law - see 5 USC 2301(b)(1). The major problem with the FCIP was that it was popular with agency managers solely because it enabled them to avoid open competiton by NOT having to provide public notice on OPM's USAJOBS website, enabling them to limit recruitment to selectively chosen groups and institutions (as only they were made aware of such opportunities). So agency managers and HR staff are apparently willing to discard the merit principle which is the bedrock of the merit system by playing a version of the old "shell game," now you see the job opportunity, and now you don't to favor a specific group, i.e., recent graduates. I would encourage everyone to read the MSPB's Dean v OPM decision issued last month whcih castigated OPM for permitting the use of the FCIP since its establishment in 2000 as a way to circumvent the fair and open competition paradigm. The new Recent Graduates Program (RGP) in the recent executive order , as Mr. Samuel points out will apparently operate much as did the FCIP in this regard, which he views with approval, as it will assure agencies' ability to hire new graduates, but this is being done at the expense of other well qulaified candidates who will be frozen out of consideration. The RGP's threshhold requirement of possession of a "recent" degree goes beyond the FCIP, which had no such feature, and will operate even more effectively to bar older applicants and those without a degree (who can qualify without such for all but professional and scientific positions) from being allowwed to apply - assuming they even learn of RGP vacancies. As an excepted service appinting authority, the RGP, like the FCIP, requires no public notice. It would appear therefore that the RGP will trigger the same type of MSPB appeals that led to the Board's adverse Dean v OPM decision against the FCIP, as well as ADA-based EEO complaints.
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  • Good news, but...
    This new tier system ignores the fact that entry-level does not necessarily mean "recent graduate." I came into government after 10 years in the private sector, but since it was a change in career, I was looking for entry level positions. After many attempts at direct hire positions, that I had no relevent experience to compete for, I began looking into FCIP postings. It's perfect for career-changers too! There were others like me, so while I know the old program was far from perfect, the new version seems to forget that career-changers can be great interns, too. (Boohoo, life isn't fair, I know.. just something to think about!)
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  • College nice but ...
    O2B XFed
    My son applied for an entry level job and was turn down by personnel. They said he was not qualified because he did not have a degree even though there was no education requirement for the job. I got the Critical Job Elements (CJEs) and helped him re-write his resume to show that in the five years since he dropped out of college as a "5 year Junior", he had met or exceeded all of the CJEs in his progressively more challenging work experiance to be eligible. Personnel would still not qualify him anyway. The new system still does not seem to have a place for people without a degree. I have worked in the Government about 40 years and know numerous very sucessful folks that do not have a degree.
    Finally ExFed
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