4:16 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Another payoff for the unions.
    Rock Island fed
    This has been an issue for several months, though your article is short on details and history. While I agree the VA guy got hosed, I'm not convinced that ending the intern program is the solution. I started as an Army ammo intern (veteran and internal hire) way back in 1986. I can't speak for other branches, but the Army has 15 or 20 intern programs that seem to work. I've recommended these programs for recent grads, but who knows what will happen now. Was the FCIP really as unfair as the union claims?
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  • FCIP has been the avenue of choice for good reasons
    Bill Samuel
    The FCIP has been used to get entry-level professionals right out of school. The regular system is so broken that you can't get to this group without using FCIP or other intern programs. Longtime losers who have gone from position to position, never having performed well, always are at the top of ratings for entry level positions under the regular civil service hiring process. The normal process values experience over quality. Federal agencies need to be able to hire people with promise into their entry level positions. This needs to be addressed in one way or another. The demise of the FCIP could be a real disaster for the federal government unless some other means is developed to meet this real need. The unions are right that the FCIP is often used as an end run around the traditional hiring process. But the problem isn't the FCIP; it's the traditional hiring process. The FCIP has come to be so widely used because it has been an effective means of getting good people into federal service at the entry levels.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Elimination of FCIP
    The government continuously defeats itself toward achieving any efficiencies in hiring quality employees. This program has been an extremely effective way for management to reach applicants and an "open door" for those pursuing Federal employment. This action by President Obama is extremely disappointing and diminishes any gain for the Obama Administration efforts toward Federal hiring form.
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  • The Federal Intern Program
    was an excellent vehicle for bringing in highly qualified individuals to various agencies, particularly the DoD and military. The employment process is so notoriously slow and inefficient that it was a pleasure to actually view someone at the workplace before they were actually employed as a full time permanent employee! The ash and trash that gets pushed through and meets the less than stringent guidelines may be good on paper but even during their probation (if any) they show numerous flaws. However, management is extremely reluctant to properly process them out because they run so scared of the supposed potential lawsuits, etc...very few are actually not retained. At least in an internship environment, one can evaluate the work habits, etc...before actually entering the respective agency. What a shame it's going to be gone!
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  • If there were any doubts, then they are surely removed at this point
    Just me
    As someone who benefitted from the Intern Program, I am saddened by this decision. The intern program encouraged agencies to apply some rigour in the internal hiring and promotion process. When I went through the program I observed that it provided candidates with an opportunity to learn core competencies which would prove necessary in their future careers as leaders and managers. This decision leads me to believe that the President is more interested in dismantling the federal workforce than in improving it.
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