1:46 am, May 25, 2015

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  • This bill
    obviously did not involve spending $Billions of our grandkids money.
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  • Two-thirds?
    Dave H.
    Sorry; but why again is 2/3rds necessary? Dave
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  • At least Congress didn't include this in its lame duck session errors
    The supposed claim by bill supporters that passage would prevent another Wikileaks-type scandal never made much sense. Why whistleblowers - in whatever shape of form - would be more inclined to go through the long, expensive, and uncertain Federal judicial process than to engage surreptitiously in that long standing and venerable inside-the-Beltway practice of selective leaking (which apparently is only OK when Congress itself and high placed White House officials engage in it) was never explained. It would also have further clogged the Federal court system with frivolous suits that have already raised much judicial ire. Congress committed a number of egregious errors in the lame duck session, but at least this wasn't one of them.
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