3:34 am, May 24, 2015

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  • State will need to conform to enhanced OMB Conflict of Interest rules
    State Dept leadership still have real challenge in awarding this contracts as current OCI rules prohibit any supplier of technology (implementation work) from supporting the architecture, planning or acquisition activities that proceed any award. This puts State in the same bind as FBI, who failed to get the right experts in managing its failed Virtual Case File project, costing over $700Million before the effort was cancelled by OMB. To make sure that State get value from every IT dollar spent, it will need hard to find expertise in IT Acquisition that does not have a vested interests in implementation work. When looking at OMB's 25 point plan and recent GAO critics of FFRDC mis-use, State will have to secure an alternative resource that has the requisite expertise in the fast paced IT market. This is why the new IT Acquisition Advisory Council exists, to fill this void. www.IT-AAC.org
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