5:47 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Tis the season for pay freezes
    SGT Pepper
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays fellow Feds.
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  • Pay Freeze
    Lets see: There is money for 2 years of unemployment, the Dream Act, Presidential travel, vacations, and dates with his wife, Nancy's Jet, and Health Insurance for all but none for federal employees. Welcome to the new world order. Where is W when you need him?
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  • Pay Freeze
    You can thank the radical right and their lackeys for this pay freeze. Included in those organizations are CATO and the Heritage Foundation, all supporters of the Republican Party. You must have seen their propaganda in Fedsmith. Anyway, they are all supporters of the radical right, which has inflamed the public against us. You can also thank George Bush and his flunkees for the depression we are in.
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  • Payv Freeze  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • Read the Signature
    Radar Tech
    Obama signed the pay freeze...Bush hasn't been president for years.
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  • Pay freeze for some but not all!
    "...the first in a number of difficult actions required to put our nation on sound fiscal footing." The way his memo is worded, it sounds like more difficult decisions will be made to the federal work force so that we, single-handedly, can put the country back on track. If so, we are definitely the sacrificial lambs, which in my view means we're of very little value to the American public - - including the President and Congress. I'm curious why the other two branches of the government are not affected by the freeze. Oh, by the way, with health care going up, benefits going down and the tax rate for CSRS employees remaining the same, we get to have our take home salary reduced while everyone else who pays into SS gets an increase or, at the very least, no change in salary. I wonder if this is also a tactic to try to push out the older work force????
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  • Don't forget to vote
    After this treatment, none of these scheming politicians that proposed, supported or voted for this pay freeze deserve the vote of a single Federal employee. Perhaps 2.2 million votes to throw these overpaid, expense account loving, check bouncing, opportunistic crowd out of office will make a difference. It was bad enough to hear all the excuses not to implement FEPCA every year. Now we will save $2billion while they increase the deficit by $800 billion. Remember the freeze, when you next go into that voting machine.
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  • Are you kidding me??
    Low Paid Fed
    It's people like you that never have anythin to say about GWB and his cronies(Rep) in the WH for 8 years messing up. This country is in a large DEFICIT because of GWB and those republicans who rode on the gravey train to make themselves look important at the expense of the American people. Not many Americans spoke a word, until it was to late. The Federal Empl is feeling the brunt of GWB reign. It isn't President Obama fault, he inherited GWB mess and the next President will inherit GWB mess. It will take time to solve these issues. If you want to say,"don't forget to vote", then you should be upset for the one you obviously voted for previously. The country was no better shape then as it is now, I suppose you couldn't see that huh? It is not laughable that you honestly and blind to the fact that your ex President COMPLETELY, ROYALLY, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT SCREWED this country up!! I cannot honetly say that GWB won the first round, didn't his brother have all voting issue in his state? Yeah Rigggggggggt!
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  • Debt
    Agree with ALT on the health insurance premium issue. It seems only reasonable that the Health Insurance premiums be frozen too. Otherwise, Feds are taking a pay cut not just a pay freeze. Debt
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  • White House pay freezes
    Agree with ALT on the health insurance premium issue. It seems only reasonable that the Health Insurance premiums be frozen too. Otherwise, Feds are taking a pay cut not just a pay freeze.
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