8:09 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Scientific integrity memo
    Maybe I'll be regarded as a Grinch for saying so at this time of the year, but the White House memo smacks of hypocrisy. Its ostensible lofty purpose is to mouth the usual platitudes and pieties regarding allowing scientists free rein in their work - with the clear purpose of claiming that this is undoing the bad policies of the Bush administraion, and procliaming th purity and magnanimity of the current occupant of the Oval Office and his minions. Unfortuately, this benign glow is dampened more than a little, to quote the aritcle: "Under the Bush administration, federal scientists were not allowed to talk to journalists [a drastic overstatement, but expected from most such "jounalists," given their liberal bent]. Last week's guidance states scientists can talk to journalists but must have "appropriate coordination" with supervisors and the public affairs office." To say that such supple wording marks an advance over the supposedly Neanderthalic tendencies of Dubya's minions to stifle free access of scientists to the media betokens stupidity (unlikely) or, more likely, the presence of ideological blinders if sincere. And media persons continue to be bemused why they continue to be distrusted by most Americans when it comes to the perceived (and real) lack of objectivity in their rerportage.
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