10:59 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Set up to fail...
    While I'm a proponent of effective planning and efficient use of resources, I'm perplexed by this bill at this point in time. Agency performance is directly attributable to personnel performance. How long does congress think Federal agencies can efficiently perform with a 2-year pay freeze? Regardless of what President Obama's performance officer says, Federal workers will leave service for better paying opportunities when available and the government will have a very hard time attracting talent. If better opportunities aren't available, performance will decrease on account of feeling trapped in a job lacking annual monetary increases in order to keep up with rising economic prices. An excerpt from the bill: Identify major management challenges that are Governmentwide or crosscutting in nature and describe plans to address such challenges, including relevant performance goals, performance indicators, and milestones. Hmm, how about congress expecting more while giving the producers less?
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