6:04 am, May 22, 2015

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  • my son is innocent
    My son is innocent and he has not done anything wrong. Media/reporters are only talking one side of story and copy pasting from different sites without any clue to spice up. All websites are writing my son wrote some letters, we don't even know what they are referring to. Neither, government or FBI provided any copy of such letter. My son did not get competent effective counsel assistance. The court assigned lawyer did not spent time to understand the case or its technical complexity. No technical issues were raised. Nor the attorney understood simple exhibits like cell phone bill, shop receipts etc which shows my son away during the crime time. Still the defense counsel, court are in impression that the crime of composing the script was committed in one hour period time, which is false. If you study the logs/FBI report, the activity of my son's username exist late night, when he was not there. My son found new evidence after the trial was concluded, which clearly indicates he has not done this conduct. He found this evidence in the discovery report received less than 24 hrs before commence of trial. He filed new trial motion and 2255 habeas corpus motions, but all his new motions are getting dismissed. Trial court says, he has to wait, for the appeal court to rule on direct appeal. The exhibits and newly discovered evidences that my son provided, if proved and viewed in light of the evidence as a whole, would be sufficient to establish by clear and convincing evidence that no reasonable fact finder would have found my son guilty of the offense. My younger daughter also, tried requesting US Attorney to reconsider and look into this new evidences, but was taken as obstructive by government. Now though having all evidences, my son has to serve the sentence. He is forced to serve because his green card is canceled and he can no longer work staying outside. It is financially difficult for him to survive. He also, requested meeting with FBI/government, which was rejected by court. I myself is feeling helpless, could not help my son. I have been reaching out Indian embassy and indian foreign affair ministers, but no luck. I have sent letters to India's president, chief minister of our state, prime minister, president obama but no response. Only response, I received from Baltimore Senator, that this is a court matter and they cannot do anything. Government also know, the witness who testified lied and gave inconsistent statements. Knowingly they are ignoring the naiveness of their FBI agent and covering mistakes in their investigation. They know, they found my son's password on the shared system, but are ignoring it. The agent assigned in this case is a newbie, if you see her reports, they are pathetic and handwritten with mistakes, typo, nonspecific, incomplete, lack basic computer knowledge etc. She doesn't know the difference between a file and a directory, just blindly copy pasting from internet and lab reports. This agent is like a new driver behind wheel, who has ran over my son and will keep doing if proper training is not provided to her. I do not want to comment on the Juror who feels sorry now on this posting, but I would suggest better all Juror should watch '12 Angry Men' movie first, before they go for deliberation. In this case, there is no photo/video evidence showing my son committing the crime. They had cameras, but now government is saying the recordings are overwritten, which I am not buying. Juror should have used the common sense, that in today's world photo id is very important in establishing someone's identity. Government only had plane ticket with no photo id and you allowed them to board the plane. Anyway, I am proud of my son and I know he will rise. You cannot suppress truth for long time. He is optimistic and takes everything in positive way, good or bad. Definitely he will do something good when he serving his sentence. He has our blessing and I know he will come out strong.
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