9:49 am, May 23, 2015

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    And each successive administrations puts band aids on paper cuts hoping the brain cancer that will bring the whole house of cards tumbling doesn't become apparent until they are out of office. lowpaidfed is on the right track - pray for a miracle! Seems like there is a better chance of divine intervention that getting an administration who will do the hard work to overhaul the antiquated Civil Service System knowing they will receive no reward but the satisfaction of having done the right thing. We need to get back to a point where the Civil Service is a SERVICE; a government serving its citizens rather than being a master or a parasite of the public. I'm not holding my breath - Diogenes couldn't find an honest PERSON - what chance do I have of finding an honest ADMINISTRATION?
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  • Brain Drain is real
    JR Samples
    But of course it depends on the particular agency. Some agencies with highly technical staff have lost much expertise over the past 10 years or so, and there is no interest on the part of upper management to hire qualified individuals to fill the vacancies. There is more emphasis on filing vacancies with warm bodies instead of with people that can actually do the work. This means that the expertise that the agency once had is gone forever, and the agency now depends on those it serves for technical knowledge and expertise.
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  • Hey Mike, the brain drain is happening NOW - here's proof
    Regardless of what the IRS execs said about the 6-week delay in this year's tax season for long-form 1040 filers... that Congress was late getting the 2010 tax regs completed... the truth is that many of the IRS's senior technical IT staff retired at the end of 2010 and that's what caused the delay. Almost one-third of the staff in my area alone left at the end of the year (15 out of 48, many of whom had as many years of experience as I do... and yes, I was among those who retired). A mass exodus of that magnitude is going to cause problems... and it did. Congress has ALWAYS been late getting changes to the tax code to the IRS in time, so why is this is the first time it's caused a delay in the tax season? Because of the loss of technical expertise at IRS at the end of 2010 - perhaps not a tsunami, but a brain drain nonetheless. And it was significant. And with all of the negative enacted and proposed changes for Federal workers now in the works, this may only be the beginning....
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