4:45 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • pay freeze
    The expected savings wtih the federal employees wage freeze is expected to save the Govt approximately 2 billion dollars. what no one is mentioning is that foreign aid was increased 2.2 billion. so what our President has done is take money from hard working government employees who Im sure would have spent the money locally which would help to stimulate the economy. Instead the President is giving our raises to strangers. It seems to me if the federal workforce is expected to tighten its belt then Foreign Aid should also be reduced accordingly!
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  • Organize Against Every Senator and Congressman or Woman Voting for the Pay Freeze
    I will try to make it my life's work to organize a strong movement to vote out of office every single senator and congressman or woman who votes for the federal pay freeze. There is no logical and and/or acceptable reason to freeze federal pay across the board. Are all federal employees the same? Can one compare people working for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae or the Social Security Administration with those serving the country at CIA or ODNI? Why are military personnel excluded from the freeze? Is it just because they put their lives on the line? Well, if that's so, then Congress needs to remember who the very first person to die in Afghanistan was (a federal employee working for the CIA). Did we forget the seven intelligence officers killed in Khost, as well as all the others who have been injured or have died, and those who are fighting side by side with the military every single day! Is this the thanks these people get from their ungrateful nation and sleazy legislators? Yes? Then you are not worthy to represent us! Anyone who forgets and targets intelligence officers for a freeze in pay is a despicable, intellectually dishonest human being who should be kicked out of office, without fail, at the earliest opportunity. Maybe they should all be sent to Afghanistan to fight along side of the intelligence officers they are demeaning with their pay freeze. I can already see them soiling their shorts, whimpering in fear. This is a disgusting injustice, which should not be allowed to happen with no repercussions.
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  • not a good thing
    It looks like its time to stop buying anything other than our basic needs since we will have a pay freeze. The cost of heath care, heat, electric, water, food, car gas , medicine etc which is the basic necessities continue to go up. Why is it that our basic needs can continue to raise but our pay does not. Also we now will be paying 2% less toward social security which will affect our retirement for those under FERS and CSRS OFFSET (yes they pay SSN too). This is not good. Now that the 6.2% of SSN is decreased t to paying 4.2% each payday, we need to take the difference (2%) and put it in our TSP. If we do not reinvest this SSN difference, we will have less for retirement. Wake up and read the fine print on the SSN change it’s not a benefit folks, The purpose of this SSN changed so that we spend this money on the economy and not pay more into retirement. I say buy only what is essential We all are losing to much as it is..
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  • CSRS offset do pay SSN - Doesnt really matter we all will be effected one way or another - read fine print
    Mike correct the mis information about CSRS employees do not pay into SSN. CSRS offset employees do pay into SSN and there are many of us. Also this 2% is not a pay raise benefit. It is a reduction toward paying into SSN which effects everyone’s future retirement. Folks need to understand the impact of this . It doesn’t matter if you are CSRS, CSRS Offset or FERs this change in SSN effects everyone one way or another. If you are married to a person that pays SSN this effects you etc. Therefore, it would be wise to take this 2% and reinvest it in TSP not the economy. It just appears that you are getting extra money each payday when in reality you are putting less toward your future. We all need to pay attention to the fine print on this SSN issue and stop saying that this is a pay increase of 2% each payday, when it is a reduction in SSN benefits. Reinvest that 2% or you will loose in the long term.
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