4:10 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Wow is DC Special
    deployed decoy
    Memories of punching through 4 foot drifts chained up on 4 wheels to get to work on time. Doing military work in Kuwait every time the roads go red, that is when it is blowing and drifting dirt with visibility less than stopping distance at 30MPH make it too dangerous for military to be in a moving vehicle. Or for that matter coming to work when it is simply not safe to leave the apartment because of said dirt storms or it is raining and the roads are more dangerous when wet here than freezing rain covered in Florida. Covering 1000s of miles on snow floors in such places as Vegas in the past at work in a US Govt vehicle all notwithstanding. Now apparently OPM wants agencies to purchase a laptop for every DC employee and then make sure they attend all the training to know how to VPN in with CAC credentials, just in case it snows in the winter. Then naturally with said laptop in the car it would be a federal offence to stop and buy a 6 pack on the way home and leave all the data accessible to theft. Well maybe if some other problem happens like all the rest of the federal Govt make the march on the capital one day demanding equal pay for equal work they would be safe at home. If those in DC are not Emergency Essential, maybe they are not needed at all. Thus I say get a Subaru (or with that DC locality pay an Audi A6 Quattro), put studded tires on it or learn how to put chains on, leave early, drive slow and get to work on time. Or take AL and stay home. But please do not insult us in the rest of the snow belt states with the idea that everyone will have power at home, let alone the computer when it is needed to SAY they are working. On the power deal, I suggest OPM fund agencies to fund employees the purchase of a 100Kw generator. You need that to run the electric heat and not go home from home because of no heat.
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  • Read the news OPM
    deployed decoy
    OK sue me for copy write infringements. The quotes off CNN.com as posted as lead story right now: “The low pressure system laid down an icy path across north Georgia Wednesday night, causing scores of traffic accidents around metro Atlanta.” “There have been dozens of accidents in Mississippi and Alabama because of an ice storm, according to emergency management officials in both states.” “The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings and advisories for more than a dozen states. The brunt of the system is poised to hit Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, but several inches of snow are forecast for portions of Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, as well as Minnesota and North and South Dakota.” “Up to half an inch of ice was expected to accumulate across Kentucky and Tennessee and possibly into northern Mississippi and Alabama, raising the risk of downed power lines for residents across the region, the National Weather Service said.”---- So I ask has OPM or regional mangers taken public and federal employee safety into consideration and closed down about 50% of the federal work places. Or is it only DC that apparently gets a free ride because the laws do not mandate winter safety equipment, that includes snow tires and chains. Need those generators when the power lines go down. Please hurry OPM get the alerts and closing posted before it hits DC and keeps you from getting in.
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  • 40 hours of annual leave last winter due to closings?
    I think perhaps the author might have made a slight mistake in stating that DC area Federal Employees had to take 40 hours of annual leave last winter due to closings. We do not take annual leave when the Government is closed. We take Admin leave. Annual leave is only required on those days when there was an unscheduled leave in effect and an employee chose to take leave instead of trying to get to work. Last year I used 0 hours of annual leave due to weather events. On the days when the Government was closed I worked from home. As to working from home in bad weather I did so on many days last winter. However, as previously mentioned the ability to work from home requires two things. 1. Electricity and 2. having your laptop with you. When bad weather is in the forecast, my practice is to take my laptop home with me just in case. I just slip it into my back pack. I also lived in the Chicago area during my late teens and into my mid twenties. I recall going to school and work when there were 10 feet snow drifts along the road. But, the reason why Chicago and other Northern areas cope better with the snow is simple. Their local Governments are equipped for the normal and sometimes abnormal amounts of snow that they get. However, here in the DC area and in other more Southern locations local governments do not have the same amount of equipment and resources. The reason for this is simple. You plan for the average storm and not the 50 or 100 year Blizzard.
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  • You don't need a stinking laptop
    All we need to stay home is a CAC Reader and the program loaded onto our personal home computers. Been doing it for years.
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  • Poor management of telework program
    Unfortunately because of managers who lack efficient leadership skills, the telework program is not fully functional at my agency. There are a handpicked few that are allowed to telework. While all others have to use leave in inclement weather or risk life and limb to get to office.
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