10:44 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Yes we can...no; just more of the same...
    I distinctly remember the slogan, "out-with-the-old" and "in-with-the-new" repeated over and over during the last presidential race and two years into it, we're facing the biggest deficit and scandalous administration this country has seen. Last month, the American people overwhelmingly voted to restore balance to the corrupt legislative branch, but just when we thought we could breathe easier and not worry about wasteful spending bills being orchestrated behind closed doors and rammed down America's throat, here comes the massive Omnibus bill. Is there a balanced budget to support this? Oh wait, there isn't an approved budget. Where is the money to support this going to come from? What gives? And the administration has the nerve to support this type of wasteful deficit spending by freezing the salaries of the very workforce that implements these congressional programs - unbelievable. The US government, a system of checks and balances!?!? Give me a break... A few snippets of the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill to illustrate where our money is going: Diet Nutrition and Obesity Research 623,000 Senator Landrieu Formosan Subterranean Termites Research 3,490,000 Senator Landrieu Efficient Irrigation 1,610,000 Senator Bingaman Arthropod Damage Control 1,000,000 Senator Reid Noxious Weed Management 235,000 Senator Reid Technology to Combat Asian Long-Horned Beetles in New York Forests The list keeps going... In a down economy with a double-dip recession looming, our elected officials should exercise better fiscal responsibility....this is ridiculous!
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