6:52 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Pay areas
    JR Samples
    The salary council needs to split the DC pay area. The cost of living is much different in Baltimore than it is in the DC area. There should be at least two pay areas. It just makes no sense for the DC pay area to cover as much area as it does.
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  • Kill the council
    O2B XFed
    Here is an idea. They need to kill the Pay Council. Every year they spend millions of dollars recommending wonderful sounding pay raises or awful pay raises depending if you are receiving them or not, but their "scientific studies" of comparible salaries is ignored every year and replaced by the President and Congress with a raise based on political reality. Its not a fair system. It does not even follow the intent of the Law, but until it is changed why drop millions of dollars for a show that is DOA every year.
    Finally ExFed
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  • Federal Salary Council annual pay increase fantasy
    This latest annual nugatory effusion of the FSC, dated 12/3/10, unfortunately will only occasion ribald commentary on talk shows and other such jejune venues regarding the supposedly inept, clueless, arrogant, and, of course, overpaid Federal workforce. The Council, which is dominated by the major Federal unions, goes through this annual charade - mandated by the terms of the 1990 FEPCA legislation - the resulting recomnendations of which have NEVER been implemented since institution of the first FEPCA-based locality pay increases in 1994. Every year the unions engage in this feel-good exercise, using the same widely discredited BLS pay comparability survey methodology, the resulting reports of which all know is DOA. Reading this year's annual recommendations report (see the OPM webpage) is like reading some sort of surreal Through the Looking Glass fantasy, in which Federal workers play the part of Alice as she encounters modern day versions of Cheshire Cats, Mad Hatters, and Dormice galore. The annual farce has long become tiresome, and now is positively dangerous in the present anti-Fed political atmosphere. Killing it, however, would require legislation, which won't unsurprisingly be at the top of the legislative agenda for the new 112th Congress in January.
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