2:27 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • 25 Point Plan
    CIO's need MORE flexibility??? why? They aren't delivering on projects now, and that isn't due to a lack of flexibility, its more likely due to a lack of management. You need managers, not IT personnel, you need people who apply common sense, and yes, maybe kill projects that have too many requirements that cannot be met. But seriously a 25 point plan... really really too much. After Clinger Cohen we came up with plans, and they became self licking ice cream cones... more about paying contractors to ensure that the plans covered every point. Maybe CIO's are the wrong people to do acquisitions or procurements.
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  • They should read "I.T. WARS" First, and then...
    Google "I.T. WARS" - get that book, we use it at work for new employee orientation. Way ahead of its time. Also, Google to the author's professional blog, "The Business-Technology Weave." Why mess around? We started managing IT according to this guy's suggestions, and our effort went DOWN, and our security and efficiency went UP. What's not to like?
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