1:04 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Pets Projects?
    No more Pets Projects, please... :)
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  • Spending bill
    Govt Mule
    "The underlying bill would provide the Pentagon $513 billion for core operations, which is a 1 percent increase to cover pay and health care..." Did I miss something here? Don't the rest of us who have increases in health care? If there's a pay freeze and health care increases for us, the DoD shouldn't be spared either!!!
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  • Pet Projects
    I'm amazed that the Senate is even THINKING about including pet projects. Let me get this straight... the Congress is going to freeze our pay for at least two years, attempt to reduce the government's contribution towards health care, attempt to change our retirement average income calculation from a high 3 to a high 5 and they are contemplating adding pet projects to the budget??? What in the world are they thinking about - - not the federal work force, that's for sure!
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  • Pay freeze for EVERYONE working for the Federal Government!!!
    Time Bandit
    This includes those running this country as well, Hey Mr President, are you willing to take a pay freeze? How about Hillary Clinton? Will those Senators in Congress be willing to take a pay freeze? Let's see who has the cahones to speak up, who's going to be the first to come forward and say they are willing to take a pay freeze with their workers. Come on! Don't be shy.
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