4:03 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Least We Forget
    deployed decoy
    My dad died 17 Nov. He is one of those 1000 per day we lose to history. He lied about his age and joined the US Navy a week after he turned 16 in Jan 1943. I bring this up as the Navy, opposed to Arlington losing Soldiers remains will give dad a formal US Navy burial at sea on a mission out of Pearl Harbor. Sure a different time now when a kid can sign up at 17, but the military will never send them into harms way until they turn 18.
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  • Condolences
    Regrets on your loss. It's tough to see the greatest generation fade away and get replaced by the selfish generation.
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  • Ditto contrarian's post
    FERS Fed
    Very sorry to hear of your loss, DD.
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  • To linda and Deployed Decoy
    I am sor4ry about your losses. I hope you cherish their memories and remember the times you spent with them
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  • Veterans
    Decoy - Sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad three years ago, just after Christmas. Although he was not a WWI vet (too young), my father-in-law was a vet. Although he never made it over seas for WWII (He ran an encryption machine in the States), he did do his combate time in Korean building bridges as a civil engineer under fire. He is still alive, but getting very frail. But, he was very proud to get into his old uniform to attend a Veteran's Day event with his grandson!
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  • Cost of Health Insurance for Retirees
    JJ D.
    I'm getting tired of cost calculations being based on the "assumption" that there is a spouse and family. There ARE retirees who have never been married and don't have children. What about the best plans based on an assumption that someone is on the single plan?
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  • If You Travel A Lot, A National Plan is Much Better
    If you travel a lot, a national plan like Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard Option is much better than a HMO, or Health Maintneance Organization. With Blue Cross, you are covered in all 50-states. With HMO's, coverage is 'hit or miss' in many states. If you are in a state where your HMO does not have coverage, you pay up front for any medical service you receive with YOUR MONEY and then file a claim with the HMO and FIGHT to get paid. With Blue Cross, you just show your Insurance Card, ID, and pay the co-pays. If you have Blue Cross and Tricare for Life, like I do, you don't have to pay for anything.
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