11:03 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • DoD Tricare fee Hike
    I am amazed how our Representatives were able to write themselves out of the National Health Care Plan and have their own Medical System that is not affected by the Obama Health Care Plan. My wife and I have been married for 25 years and during that time I served 20 years as a Light Infantryman. Long training deployments in different parts of the world and terrain carrying 135 pounds or more of gear, 25 mile road marches with my full combat load in under 14 hours..... Take away the nice pensions and medical benefits that these "So called LEADERS" think that they are entitled too. I know work for a Class I railroad CSX in Nashville. If I paid for the health care plan that is offered it would cost me $200 a month. Now that our TCU/BRC Contract is up for negotionations, the major Carriers would like us to switch from managed health care to a 80%-/20% plan. This would force the worker to pay close to $500 a month. My family and I earned our benefits through blood, sweat and tears. I would not mind paying $100 a month compared to only $35.00 for Tricare but reduce my Delta Dental Plan to something similar to the Postal Union Dental Plan.
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  • Benefit vs entitlement
    Rock Island fed
    "...earned our benefits..." Absolutely! I don't mind doing my share to balance the budget, but I've yet to see the Bamster propose cutting welfare ENTITLEMENTS for people who have never, ever worked. Maybe he's afraid he'd have to take in his Aunt Zeituni.
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  • DoD TRICARE fee hike
    Like the colonel, as a military retiree I would not mind paying a bit more. But my fear is that it will turn into a typical government-sponsored group health care plan and raise the fee by a factor of 10.
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  • Tricare Fee increase recommendation
    This article brings back a comment I provided in 2007 as to charging increased fees for Tricare. At that time I commented that I would be more than willing to accept the Congressional Health plan as my health insurance at the same fee charged when I accepted my first second and third reenlisments in the Army which was, "you will receive free health care for yourself and your FAMILY for life!!!! So if SECDEF, SECARMY and the President want me to start paying at this late date in my life, MAYBE I can get the ACLU to represent myself and the thousand plus others who signed their names on the line and took reduced wages, lousy quarters and not being able to stay in one place for long enough to buy a house without losing your shirt. I move 30 plus times in 20 years, and now they want me to pay for my own health care too.
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