3:20 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Those Federal Programs
    Apparently the authors havent learned that government programs serve a purpose, need for the public. Its not enought that our government gets shut down almost every year, or that services that the government should do are not getting done, its not enough for us to have been attacked on 9-11 because they cut the defense that would have prevented this from happening; its not enought that they cut the department that would have prevented the oil spill in Louisiana/Alabama/Mississippi (the environmental disaster); more oil spills on beaches, in lakes, in rivers, and streams; noooo--the authors and those in COngress want MORE lousianas, more Katrinas, more government shut downs, they want more lists where the U.lS. is number 60 or 1000 in terms of gvoernment services, products, technology, and quality of education.
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