3:19 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Where's the budget?
    How's that budget looking Mike? How much should Feds be worried about shut downs?
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  • Federal pay freeze and reducing the deficit
    Why has nothing been said about our Senators and Congressmen/women giving up their lifetime benefits...which they receive even if they serve for only a few months? Being a congressmen is the biggest boondogle of all. Why is this sacred? They should look at themselves first...then us.
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  • Not correct
    Statement is incorrect. They must serve the minimal amount of time that any other federal employee must to earn a pension, etc.
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  • "vs." or "and"?
    Right now the story may be "Pay Freeze vs. Higher FEHBP Premiums," but it may become "Pay Freeze and Higher FEHBP Premiums." The Budget Deficit Reduction Committee that just reported would save money by reducing the government's contribution, meaning still higher premiums to be paid by active employees and retirees and/or reduced FEHBP benefits, meaning higher out-of-pocket costs. The future is not bright where civil service benefits are concerned.
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  • the benefits Senators and Representatives get
    "They must serve the minimal amount of time that any other federal employee must to earn a pension, etc." Correct me if I'm wrong, but the minimum amount of time a civil servant must be in the government before going out with an annuity at age 62 is 5, and more if they are going to get out before 60. Is it the case that someone who serves two terms in the House, that is a total of 4 years and has not other creditable service will get neither a retirement annuity, nor continuing FEHBP coverage after they leave Congress? (If they do get a retirement annuity, it is an "enhanced" one of 2.5% for each year, right?) As for their health benefits, I am happy to have Senators and Representatives, along with everyone who works for them in any capacity on the Hill, participating in the FEHBP. They may take a bit of heat from some members of the public who think our FEHBP benefits are too generous in comparison to what they do or don't have by way of health insurance, but hopefully it is more consequential that their individual self-interests line up with those of civil servants generally, since that may be what saves FEHBP from big cuts.
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  • Pay Freeze --> Spending Freeze and/or Boycott
    Angela B.
    I have an idea. If Mr. Obama wants to freeze the pay of all 2.7 million federal workers for 3 years, then let's give him a visible demonstration of the impact of that decision where it might get his attention. I propose a spending freeze, in the form of a boycott of all things Chicago. Don't go to Chicago. Don't by anything made in Chicago, sold in, shipped from, named for or associated with Chicago. Add Hawaii in for good measure. I can live without pineapple for three years. With that kind of pay cut (and the tax cuts he wants) I'll be lucky to afford peanut butter and dried beans, anyway. Oh, and let's all pull out of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and encourage everyone we know to do likewise. Boycott the Chicago Cubs, Bears and O'Hare airport. Who can afford travel and sports when you can't pay the mortgage (after all, Mr. Obama's pals want to take away the mortgage interest deduction, too). While we're at it, boycott Oprah Winfrey and all her media outlets, and everything advertised thereon. Do you think it would get his attention? After all, people, times are tough!! We must tighten our belts! We can't be spending our money on frivolities! If we have to "feel the pain" and "cut costs", too, we might as well cut our costs in his backyard.
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  • Deficit and pay freeze
    Before freezing the salaries of the actual "worker bees", every member of congress should be made to take an across the board 10% reduction in their salaries and expense accounts. Why? Well, they should be held to "pay for performance" - and since they did not perform to the satisfaction of the American people, they should be required to take pay cut. This should also affect all members of their over-sized staffs. Cuts and freezes should start at the highest level of government, not on the backs of the people who actually have to work to support all the programs that Congress deems worthy of funding.
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    Michael S.
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