5:51 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Furloughs & cutbacks
    Time Bandit
    The gov't needs to seriously cut back it's spending, they need to compare apple's to apple's. Why pay contractors to do the exact same job a Fed worker is doing and vice versa? Why pay two contracting companies to do the exact same thing? Someone needs to sit their can in an office and see where the savings is, crunch numbers. Of course contractors will sugar coat what their workers do, I should know..I was a contract worker. If contracting companies want funding, they have to prove their employees are worth it. I've seen college kids get hired after they graduated, some lacked the skills and work ethic but were hired anyhow. It's all because contractors charge more for employees with degrees, that's BS. The gov't needs to curtail this issue, many good and hard working employees who don't have degrees have been passed up for promotions so the company can look good on paper. I was one of them, been with a company for 10 years. Every time I asked about a position that was available, I was told the customer wants a degree. When I approached the customer, they said a degree was not required for the job but I was passed up anyhow. It's all about making an impression, the gov't wants someone who can do the job instead of a grad who doesn't know how to cut and paste in Power Point.
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