5:45 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Pay increases are not happening
    Just me
    Y'all should do your praying in church. Either that or y'all should be looking for some psychiatric help to assist you with your cognitive disconnect from reality. We are now living and working under a Congress that ran (in part) on a campaign of HATING federal workers. The issue of a pay raise is dead on arrival in the House of Representatives. Heck, Representative Issa is looking for NEW ways to fire y'all. Best advice is to keep your head down and hang on tight. It's going to be a rough two years.
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  • Pay areas
    JR Samples
    The DC and Baltimore areas should be separate pay areas instead of being combined into one. The cost of living is different.
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  • True!
    Big Joe
    We're making out up here in B'more!
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    How does one reconcile one study versus another where one analyzes and finds that the 'average' federal employee income w/ benefits leads private industry 1/4 to 1/2 again as much, while the FSC states virtually the opposite? Which organization has a dog in this hunt, and which doesn't? The studies are both subsidized by the government (i.e., earmarks for the think tanks).
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  • Article on Federal Salary Council
    I continue to be amazed that anyone would still be citing, with a straight face, the so-called "24% pay gap" supposedly afflicting Federal employees. The BLS methodology employed to reach this preposterous conclusion has long been discredited, and no administration - going back to Clinton's first - has ever accepted the Council's pay recommendations for that reason. With Federal unions holding the majority of seats on the Council, does anyone really think that any "study" they might perform would come up with anything other than self-serving findings and conclusions? Let's for once be honest and admit that we Feds on average (with limited excceptions for certain technical occupations, are being overpaid vis-a-vis non-Federal workers. To have persons in a responsible position, such as OPM's Mr. Berry, state otherwise just reduces our credibility all the more, and is increasingly embarrassing. Ms. Kelley "hopes" that the Council's pay recommendations will be accepted. She must know that there isn't the proverbial snowball's chance in Hades that this will happen, but by making such a ludicrous statement she contributes thereby to the current air of unreality regarding how to come to grips with the problem of how to develop a sound compensation methodology for the Federal workforce - which we don't have now.
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