2:28 am, May 28, 2015

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    I don't know whether he comes by it naturally or if he had to attend a course of study in stupidity. During an interview on whether profiling should be used or not, his response included a statement that we have to be on the lookout for the Timothy McVeigh- and Unabomber- types. Yes, these are the ones that are providing the overwhelming threats to the America public, in general, and transportatiion venues, specifically. DHS and TSA administrators cannot accept that someone does it better and more efficiently than TSA (El Al). What is difficult; however, is training minimally educated TSA frontliners to conduct 'random' passenger interviews with any sort of professionalism. What is unfortunate, also, is that it is the frontliners who are bearing the brunt of decisions of so-called knowlegeable administrators, who have no understanding at all of human nature when put into stressful situations; e.g., passenger pre-screening interviews (El Al) or the intrusive physical pat-downs. My sympathies go to those frontliners. BTW, unions are not the answer.
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