7:59 am, May 26, 2015

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  • This legislation
    was unnecessary. It is simply something Congress could say they did without really doing anything but tinker with something that was already working.
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  • Not sure I agree
    Maybe it's unnecessary if you are allowed to telework, but so many managers at my agency don't allow their best workers to do so -- we have to be in view at all times, while those that are a challenge to supervise are allowed to telework. I haven't read the bill, but if it pushes these fools forward to allow it, then I'm happy it passed. Of course, now we have to have "training" first...sheesh!
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  • Article on telework and impact of viewing porn
    Wow! There's a firm, non nonsense approach. Come on, guys. Anyone caught viewing porn while on official duty or using government-provided equipment or software to do so needs to be dealt with far more harshly than envisoned in this legislation. Such a slap-on-the-wrist measure will not be an effective deterrent and, more importantly, but trivializes the seriousness of such unacceptable behavior.
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