11:02 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Furloughs and the snow
    O2B XFed
    I always enjoy when the talk of Furloughs starts. AFter the whinning ends you see people trying to show they are "esstential" and therefore not required to be covered by the Furloughs. They want to be required to come to work so they can be paid. However, with Winter just around the corner and with it the snow that Washington area can never remove in a timely manner. These same people want to be deemed "non-essential" so they can be paid to stay home. The world is such a cruel place!
    Finally ExFed
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  • Furloughs and the snow
    Just me
    02B XFed, As for myself, I am always dismayed when the talk of furloughs and rifs starts, because we seem to get a disproportionate number of people who find it amusing to pretend to be feds and former feds... who subsequently go on to bash the workforce. These are the people who don't seem to know the difference between the words "service" and "servitude". They invariably act as though the meanings for these words are equivalent, and they're not.
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  • 2 Year Federal Employee Pay Freeze
    I am so fed up with being paid just 2% above the poverity line index and having to constantly take hits on my hard earned, over worked and under paid salary. I work for one of the most stressful and high demanding branches of the Federal Govt, the IRS. I am having difficulty paying my bills and keeping afloat only be put in the same class as foreclosures and bankruptcy as everyone else while working for the Federal Govt. This is the thanks I get for voting for President Obama. I stood in line in the cold for over 3 1/2 hours with my Mother and Husband to cast my vote and now this and to possibly be furloughed in the future. My Husband only voted because we knew if something ever happened to his job we would be ok with my salary and now our financial future has a volcanic base. This is most unsettling with our mortgage, car note and education costs for our Daughter all past due. We were counting on these funds to substain our already meagar lifestyle. I guess the Govt will not be satisfied until our nation is truly impoverished with all of its employees houseless, car less, and living on the streets. Thanks Mr. President, I never saw this one coming. I guess you're not so different from the Reaganomics as you lead me and my counterparts to believe. I am so depressed that I cannot even function at work today and yet I have to work but, for what? Where's my motivation to continue my with career if I can't pay my bills Mr. President? There's no more blood in the cabbage to squeeze so please rethink this power move for the GS-13's and below. We have no funds to balance the budget. This is not the solution. Maybe you should be salary capted and furloughed as well as your chefs and white house personal staff to get a reality check of what doing without feels like.
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  • Pay Freeze
    Say what you want about George Bush -- he ALWAYS gave us good pay raises even in a few tough budget years.
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  • Pay Freeze
    He also did not have the full effects of his actions when our pay raise was decided. Look at his hero for examples of what might happen if the full effect of his actions was involved. see Ronald Reagan as an example. Zero raise one year with a 40-50% increase in our health plan and no open season until ordered to do so by the courts. 2% raise the next year to not totally destroy morale.-------------------------- The radical right, such as the heritage Foundation and Cato encouraged even worse actions. I'll take obama over Bush any time.-------------------------------------------- to Fed since 1973, Would you actually work for the government for that kind of compensation? Look at the numbers. I would not. I also can retire at any time.
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  • Fed Pay Freeze
    If agencies truly want to slash their payroll budgets, they should put more emphasis on recruiting retired Federal employees. As I understand the rules, an agency only needs to pay a reemployed annuitant who retired under CSRS the difference between his/her annuity and the grade level of the position for which he/she is hired. In most cases, that amounts to a savings of 55% or more. For each year of reemployment, the reemployed annuitant increases his/her eventual annuity by 1%; however, if the person remains reemployed for at least 5 years and continues to pay into CSRS, that eventual annuity increases by about 2.5% per additional year worked, retroactive to the first day that he/she became a reemployed annuitant. That's a terrific incentive to stay in the position for 5 years or more, giving an agency an experienced, stable worker at a substantially reduced cost. Looks like a win/win to me.
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