7:32 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Why?
    A Nonymous
    The Fed deals with the U.S. Treasury, large institutional banks and investors. What purpose would they have to be in possession of at least 400,000 credit and debit card numbers? If this guy is guilty, punish him, but I think his crimes pales in the light of the fact that this was even an opportunity. The Fed wraps itself in a veil of secrecy, thwarts any attempts at accountability and oversight, yet they are in possession of my personal information? Is anyone else having a serious, over-the-top, Wut The Flock moment?
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  • Ummm...
    FERS Fed
    ...the article doesn't say that the perp GOT the credit/debit cards numbers from the Fed, only that he was in possession of them. He also hacked other financial institutions, the likely source of those card numbers. "A federal grand jury has indicted a Malaysian citizen for allegedly hacking into a computer network at the Federal Reserve Bank and possessing more than 400,000 credit and debit card numbers. Federal prosecutors also allege Lin Mun Poo, 32, made a career of compromising systems at financial institutions...". Restart now?
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  • I agree
    The first thing I thought, also, after reading this was why do they have credit card numbers? It's none of their [darned] business. I hope we are able to get a full, authentic audit of the Fed and put an end to its abuses. I pray for an end to corruption in Washington, D.C.
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  • 10 years????
    If this guy hacked into the Defense Dept then why isn't he being charged with espionage? Seems like he could get a little more time for that.
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  • The FED is a leech on Americans
    I agree. Why was the FED in possession of credit card numbers? That is not their roll. I also agree with the statement that the FED wraps itself in Secrecy. In fact, the FED (a private bank owned by 13 mostly European elite and the Rockefellers) is solely responsible for the biggest THEFT in history, along with their cronies at Goldman Sachs whose personnel Obama continues to place at Treasury, and paid-off congressmen who today's paper say continue to enrich themselves despite poverty in the nation. Congress has FAILED in it's audit and oversight of the FED. The constitution says ONLY the Treasury can print money, NOT a private bank like the FED. It would be FAIR if hackers gained access to the FED and their intimate friends at Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan and distributed Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros funds to each and every family in the U.S., many of whom have been illegally thrown out of their homes via ForeclosureFraud, theft of trillions of retirement funds via manipulation of the stock market, and adding trillions to the deficit by printing money out of thin air intended to devalue the dollar -- even buying govt bonds with these air-dollars -- adding MORE to the deficit. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE ENTIRE DEFICIT = INTEREST ON EACH DOLLAR THEY PRINT, ALL OWED TO THE ROTHSCHILDS/ROCKEFELLERS BANK CALLED THE FED? This is DESPITE the fact that the constitution mandates money is to be printed ONLY by Treasury. JFK and Abraham Lincoln started printing dollars and THEY WERE SHOT! All federal taxes go straight to these super-rich families. STATE TAXES pay for our roads, etc. THE FED IS A LEECH ON AMERICA.
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  • Info of Interest
    See Jesse Ventura's series "WALL STREET" on Youtube. Two of his other series are also quite interesting, "PLUM ISLAND" re: government bio-labs and "POLICE STATE"
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  • the fed
    Finally we get somebody with ability and intelligence in the fed and he is arrested,well it was anice try.
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